Religion vs Spirituality

Hi there ๐Ÿ˜Š

Over December I started watching ‘The Story Of God with Morgan Freeman.” The main reason I started watching this series was to find some answers to a lot of religious questions and basically to educate myself rather than watch something mindlessly.

I was born into a Hindu family. If somebody had to ask me what my religion was I would respond that I follow Hinduism. But, as I grew older I began questioning my belief system. What is Hindusim really? I became frustrated with myself because I did not understand a lot of practices and why they were done.

Was I ignorant or did I just have a lack of faith?

As I grew up I studied the basics of the Hindu teachings, I learnt about a specific path of Hinduism that focused on one specific God and specific practices. Why was this God chosen? How were I to know if this path was going to work for me? These are still questions that I am trying to find the answers to today. As a kid I didn’t take religion or prayer very much seriously, I mean I never really understood it.

When I went to university my second year had tested my faith the most. I went through depression and a lot of financial struggles. I questioned God. Why was this happening to me? I began to believe that there was no God playing a role in my life. I cried almost all through that year. I felt as if nothing was going right.

I never quite got back on track with being religious. In a way, I guess I am more spiritual than religious. The definition of Spirituality is as follows: “The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

The above quote relates largely to following your passion and to happiness. We as humans are always looking for new adventures and new things that will make us happy. That is the way we live life. In Hinduism we believe in reincarnation. If you have lived a good life and have done good deeds you will not be reincarnated. This is the ultimate goal of Hinduism which is defined as Moksha(liberation). However, if you do not attain Moksha you will be reborn many times, not only as a human, you could become an animal or even a plant.

In simplified terms, reincarnation is the rebirth of your soul. When everything else fades to dust your soul still remains. So this is where my spirituality and religion kind of link up. I am currently on what I like to call a “Journey of self discovery.” I am busy trying to find myself, my purpose and my faith in a world full of confusion an unnecessary opinions.

Right now I believe that if I am a good person who tries to be good on a daily person I am winning. I think small steps need to be taken to actually discover who you are. You cannot learn how to become religious in a How to guide, it just doesn’t work that way. Everybody has their own special relationship with God, The Universe or the Angels.

Whatever you may believe in is definitely bigger than you. Find what works for you and let it continue working for you.

I hope this wasn’t too much of a serious one. I aim to write to my hearts contents, my blog will be about a lot of random topics. I hope there will be ones that inspire everybody who may read it.

Until next time.

Lots of love and light.


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