Lifestyle Changes

Can you quit something forever?

Sit down and think about this. Think of one type of food that you could stop eating forever and never look back. One type of food that you will cut out of your life forever so that you can live a healthy lifestyle.

I am pretty hooked on TED talks, and in one specific video there was a guy explaining why diets fail. And I agree with him 100%. When you are on a diet, it’s probably a month long. A whole month of bland food, green smoothies, sugar cravings and mood swings galore. DIETING DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. Whats the point of suffering for a month and then stuffing your face the next month?


The sad truth is many people want a quick solution to abs and being skinny. But quick solutions do not show lasting results. Now coming back to my dear Ted Talk, this guy explained that we need to give up things forever in order to see a change in the future. Say for example, you love a good pizza or a good burger-you probably love carbohydrates. I mean who doesn’t?

But now think about cutting out white carbohydrates from your diet completely. No white bread, no pasta, no pizza. I was mind blown at this idea. A lot of my weight gain comes from these bad carbs in specific topped off with a lot of bad fats as well. For more info on bad and good carbs, here’s a link I found helpful.

So how do you start with adopting a healthy lifestyle? Personally I have cut down on processed foods. Processed foods tend to have a much higher content of the bad sugars and fats-this is what I try to avoid. 


A healthy lifestyle starts with small changes. A change doesn’t have to be drastic. Instead of two teaspoons of sugar in your tea, try one. Instead of having a cooldrink with your lunch have some green tea or water infused with fruit. The idea here is to gradually cut out the bad. After a month you will see quite a few changes. The physical changes happen once you combine exercise with the healthy eating. Just eating healthy has a major effect on the way your body feels as well as your mood.

The idea here is lots and lots of discipline. You have got to commit to the idea of a healthy lifetsyle and realise that your goals are achievable through discipline. I found a really awesome picture on Pinterest…and everytime I feel like emotional eating I plan on looking at it. I want my body shape to be similar to the one below. Here’s the picture below: 


I’d like to hear more about what fitness or lifestyle goals you may have. It’s always good to set a goal and have a plan. Also, remind yourself of your goals on a daily basis. 

Heres to big dreams and goals 🙂 

Wishing you a happy week ahead.

Lots of Love.


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