Staying away from the negative

Have you ever been super excited about something until someone made it feel irrelevant? Has someone ever laughed at you for having big dreams and goals? Like yeah right? You could never become more than you are right now. You know what those people deserve? Silence!

These type of negative people should STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM YOU. Like far far away. Like where Shrek went to find Fiona kinda far away. Sometimes it feels like I have this invisible glowing bubble around me. This bubble contains all my positive, happy energy and all negativity evaporates when it hits this bubble. But then there are some days where somebody’s irrelevant piece of shit discouragement may evade this bubble and cause feelings of despair and hopelessness.


That my friend’s is what I call depression. The things people do and say tend to impact us mentally.  And depression is a mental health issue. Most of us may not realize that what we say to people affect them in really negative ways. It takes a lot of strength in most cases to feel happy after a whole spell of sadness, and here comes along an idiot who ruins your day. Like how is being rude to me going to help your situation?

People are people and will do whatever they please without regard for anybody else’s feelings. One thing I have been trying to teach myself is the 5×5 rule. Don’t react to something on an emotional level if it isn’t going to affect you in the next 5 years. Also don’t take things personal. The way a person acts is a reflection of their insecurities and has nothing to do with you.


We all have good days and we all have bad days. But the one thing that will set us apart from the rest is that we still choose to be kind on our bad days. You may never know what somebody else is going through and the least you can do is be kind.

Smile at strangers. Buy your friend a coffee. Tell someone how much you appreciate them. Take everyday as it comes and make sure you make every day count.


Wishing you a happy week ahead ♥

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