Self Discovery🌸🌸🌸

Hiii there.

Welcome back.

I have decided to dedicate this year solely to the purpose of finding myself. The question is: How do you really find yourself when you are so deep in the BS that everyone thinks is important? They say ignorance is bliss, and yes I do believe this. Although it may sound simple-it really is difficult for a person like me.

Well it was, why should the actions of others bother me? Bother me so much that I complain about it? When somebody does something and it doesn’t affect you in any way then you are winning! Small little steps at a time. If someone gets on your nerves because of the way they act then see yourself out of situations like that.

If certain situations do not amplify your positive energy or add any positivity to your life then ignore them. Personally, when I’m around people and I want to avoid the gossip and complaining I will just put in my earphones and have a little dance party in my head. I’m so drained out by people who continuously complain about everything, how does that help them?

Anyway, the whole idea about self discovery comes up because of my relationship with God. The problem is that it is non-existent. On Sunday I had a very spiritual encounter(For me). I got to the mall really early, because my commune to work leaves early on Sundays. I started off my morning feeling lost, I felt as if something was wrong.

My Sunday regime normally consisted of going to Mugg and Bean for breakfast with my sister. However my sister left the mall mid Jan and everytime I had breakfast alone I found myself feeling sad. So this past Sunday I decided to carry my own flask of coffee-Saves me 30 bucks! 😝

I went up to the roof and I stared at the sky and the ocean and I felt the sun heal me. I was voicenoting my one friend at that time.

I was asking her about her relationship with God.I wanted to understand why her faith was so strong. In that moment I think I felt God. It was as if he had touched me. I spoke to her about wanting God’s hands to be on everything I do. And at that precise moment I felt like God heard me. I felt peaceful. I sat down for 45 minutes reading “The Science of Self-Realization.” I read out aloud. It was the most peaceful I have felt in a long time. I wish all my mornings could be like that.

My journey is all about a life that I can be content living in. I want to be in a feeling of zen all the time. I want complete balance. I want to be spiritual. I want to be happy. I want to see myself becoming a better person. I want to rediscover who I really am without the fog of the outside world. I am looking forward to undiscovering everything about myself. It is a challenge, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

If you haven’t checked my last post, it is based on 28 days of self-love. I hope it’s going well for everyone-I am finding it a bit challenging,however I shall persevere. There will be a post up in March all about it 🙂

P.S It’s okay to feel lost sometimes♥️ As long as you eventually find your way-and you will.

Wishing you a great rest of the week.
Lots of Love

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