Change is Good…

Do you feel yourself naturally evolve? Does it happen gradually or straight away? How do you know it’s an evolution of some sort? Do you decide you want to stop something on the SPOT or decide through a series of events?

Well with me: A series of events. I gradually lose interest in things that used to be of somewhat “importance” to me. I feel like I’m “growing up.” I mean when do you know? I don’t use Facebook anymore, I haven’t posted any pictures on Instagram this year and I try to avoid mindless watching of series. I feel like I want to be more productive, I want to utilise the 24 hours I have in a day in the best way possible.

Planning works for some people and planning does not work for others. I fall in the latter. For example, in Feb I decided I would blog once a week on a Monday. But that hasn’t happened yet. I’m a bit scatter brained like that. I am working on spontaneous spurts of impulse and not forced topic thinking and writing.

So unfortunately my blogging will be inconsistent but it’s what works for me. And I feel like this is so important. You need to do what works for YOU. Don’t follow the trends if you don’t like them. Cut out toxic people. Focus on YOUR goals. Know your worth. And if don’t-then find your worth! The sooner you take leaps of faith the sooner you will see change.

You cannot say you want things to change and not do anything to invoke the change-that’s just talk. I feel like this is the reason why I stay stagnant. I’m sure a lot of us are scared of change. We get anxious about it. And we wonder about it too much. And then we decide we don’t want change. And we stay stuck.

As Mahatma Gandi says: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It starts with YOU. You are the pilot of your own plane. Take charge and work for change. Nobody is going to hand you anything. It’s the survival of the fittest and evolution is required.

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