I Love Me

Hi there 🙂

The month of love has officially drawn to and end, and wooooaw it has been an interesting one.

The plan as I’d like to call it for February was to love myself more, and I feel like I’ve made so much progress with that. There were happy days and yes there were sad days too, days of frustration and days of pure enthusiasm. I didn’t know how to actually lay out this blog. I didn’t want to only focus on the good days, so I decided to have and entry for each and every day. So here goes;

  1. Friday evening with my sister-Chilled evening at home.
  2. Early morning gym session. Drinks later on and a night out.
  3. Cheat meal Sunday
  4. Taking control-No more pity parties for me.
  5. Realising time waits for no man.
  6. Medicating and sleeping- The Flu sucks. 😦
  7. BODY SHOP! I splurged on a new Vitamin E range which is helping my skin so much! I crave glowing healthy skin.
  8. Pizza hut for the first time in Port Shepstone- that night was great 🙂
  9. Bought fruits and slept for 10 hours-Flu still had me down.
  10. The start of something beautiful-My spiritual Sunday.
  11. Spent time with a friend. I like to escape my problems for a while with good conversation. Basically a time out from the world.
  12. Early night…needed time to recharge.
  13. Bought a fitness magazine to inspire me.
  14. Bad day mentally- I have this horrible habit of doubting myself. I really had it bad on this particular day.
  15. Interview day-Dressed up and felt good.
  16. Great day. Positive mindset. I learnt that living for the day to be over is a waste of a day.
  17. Spiritual Sunday
  18. Worked out
  19. Worked out
  20. Had a mental breakdown-Felt as if I was going nowhere-I worked out though. Got a call for a second interview. I guess that break down wasn’t for nothing.
  21. Second interview day-I knew I got the job. It was a really happy day that ended off with some chicken and prawn pizza
  22. Placed my resignation_What a nerve wrecking experience. I waited till 5PM to do this!
  23. Another hard day. I craved some kind of space, some kind of freedom. I felt like I needed a break.
  24. Sunday-Had breakfast on my own. My one friend told me “The depression wasn’t for nothing,” when I told her I had got a new job. Watched a soccer game between Liverpool and Man United-soccer is pretty cool actually. I don’t normally watch soccer.
  25. Monnnnday Blues
  26. Tuesday Blues
  27. Got some coffee in the morning. Last Day in RETAIL fam. Wasn’t as exciting as I would have imagined. BUT I am offically out of retail.
  28. Watched Forrest Gump for the first time ever! WHAT AN AMAZING MOVIE. Went to a spinning class-I learnt to push my own boundaries.



I guess Febraury was about getting my mind in check for new beginnings in March. I just need to work on journalling a bit more this month. Journalling is the best way to close the day by reflecting on your thoughts and reflecting on the days events.

Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday.

Lots of Love











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