Magical March

Hello there and welcome back to my blog

Happy March!!☀️✌🌸🌻🌼

This is one of my favourite months because this is my birthday month. Whooop Whooop. Not that I have anything planned, I’d probably be working on my birthday.

So this month started of with a BIG change. I have been saying I need to “take a leap of faith.” And I can gladly say I have finally done it.

I’m not stuck in retail anymore! 

This is such a big thing for me, because I felt as if my brain was rotting away. I become bored with all the monotony. I have moved away from the telecommunications industry into the medical industry. This year is all about building. Building skills and building myself. I feel like this is my Chapter 1 of sorts, I feel like I am building my foundation. And nobody wants a weak foundation, now do they? It’s going to involve a lot of hardwork and sweat-literally!

Good Vibes Only-A Happy Tuesday

It’s the beginning of a new season. The beginning of something fresh.  It’s all about change and moving on. I think that’s the theme for this month.

Moving on and enjoying every moment of it.

The moment you embrace change, change embraces you. You’ve got to make the moves you’re too afraid of making in order to get where you want to go. You’ve got to trust gut and allow things to naturally evolve.

My wishes for you this March;

More confidence

More motivation

More happiness

More change

Have a magical March ahead!🌈🎉

Lots of Love


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