The unnecessary Doctor

So, I have been meaning to start the ‘Story time with Vee’ category for quite some time. And I just thought what the heck, today is the day I actually sit down and do it. Basically this is a little segment that invites you into my life and thoughts.

In March this year I started working for a specialist dermatologist. It has been pretty amazing having some purpose to my life. I felt like I moved from Vodacom into something a bit more meaningful for ME. I love being able to help with actual problems you  know-Helping people feel confident in their skin or even nipping cancer in the bud.

So here goes the first post of many on this new segment. 🙂

It all began with biopsy day.  One of the main procedures we do in dermatology is called a punch biopsy. In this small procedure we remove a sample of skin(that is suspicious) and we get it tested so we can determine how to treat it further.


So biopsy day, I make my way down to the hospital. It’s just before 8 a.m. Biopsies start at 8:15 and I need to go to the pharmacy to get supplies first. Walking fast I am on the way into the hospital and to the pharmacy. Before even making it half way into the hospital another Doctor stops me and says he is looking for my Doctor.

We chatted for a bit-I was a little bit uneasy because time was not on my side this specific morning. And then he proceeded to say “How can you work for a dermatologist and have pimples?” And I’m just thinking “what the actual fuck.”

AND like an idiot I didn’t have a smart response to say at the time. So I made my way to the pharmacy-got my supplies and went into the medical rooms to set up. I was so annoyed by the fact that the doctor of all people would say that. Personally, if someone cannot fix something straight away I will not mention it. Like that is a no go zone.

I got so busy that day that I didn’t have time to actually focus on what he had said if I did my day would have gone totally in another direction. I think we as individuals need to be kind to one another. You may never know what someone else is going through.

Moral of the story:

Speak kind words and do not let anybody’s negative comments bring you down.



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