The path of least resistance…

Yes…the title is a more science-y definition of the word Lazy.

It means that our brains are configured to take the lazy route, the path that does not cause any discomfort.

Our brains tend to think this way because we prefer easy tasks. Tasks that require no brain activity-and that’s how we get stuck in a slum. Who honestly prefers watching something educational vs Netflix? Who WANTS to wake up at 5a.m to workout?

The worst part about it is that we can’t seem to move from this state to a more productive state very easily. We love being comfortable, it brings a sense of easiness. We choose easy-and that is the path of least resistance. It is a choice we make everyday unknowingly.

Well we don’t learn about productivity so how will we know what it looks like? But then again we don’t take the time to be more productive.

People thrive on “being busy.” Everybody compares their day by how busy it was and not by how much work was actually being done. This is the trap we all fall in. We use being busy as the equivalent of being productive.

We waste away hours of our day which end up being a waste of many more hours in a year. Time wasted is life wasted-and why would we want that? Why do we continue these vicious cycles?

I love how Jay Shetty speaks about $86 400 being credited to your bank account every day. Every single day you start of with $86 400 dollars and at the end of the day it dissapears.

He goes on to say that this is similar in our life account. We get 86 400 seconds every single day-we need to spend that wisely.

I have been bad at time management before-just because I didn’t realise how important it is. I’m getting better by learning where I lack. Everyone is different, and what might work for me may not work for you.

It takes time and a sense of honesty for you to actually sit down and see where you’re spending your time. In this way you realise how much time you’ve been wasting. And hopefully changes are made after this sit down.

My goal for June is to increase productivity, focus and attention. I want to throw off my lazy thoughts with more active thoughts-more brain work from my side.

Knowledge about oneself is the most important knowledge you can gain. So why not work on yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Happy June❤🌈 May it be a happy and productive month

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