Neuroscience vs neurology?

I choose NEUROSCIENCE!What creates a thought? What controls your brain creating a thought? Such a simple question yet most of us can’t answer that.Our brains are the powerhouses of our body. Such a beautiful organ that doesn’t get much recognition. Nobody says “I love you with all my brain.”

Fun fact: The skin is the largest organ.

My challenge for the month is to educate myself on topics I don’t know much about. This is one of them. I believe that the thoughts we create make up the chemical balance/imbalance of our bodies. There is so much evidence backing this up.More bad thoughts throw off our natural states of “chi.”Our bodies are meant to be balanced- no stress, no anxiety, no sadness.Good thoughts just like bad thoughts flow into the world. They say you glow better when you do better. The sunshine flows out of you into thr world.☀️🌞No matter what your situation is, the idea is to enjoy the journey while you are getting to where you want to be.Focus your thoughts on the good stuff…don’t sweat the small stuff and most of all enjoy the journey. You are in control. Your mind is your control station. You make the moves😋❤🌻

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