Unmask-Becoming your authentic self

How many masks do you wear?

Being your true and authentic self requires work of an inward soulsearching type. It is the art of being the ‘unmasked man.’ The type of art that just gets more and more beautiful as you begin to discover and understand it.

The start to unraveling this beautiful piece of art is by becoming who you are. Just like you can become an accountant or a lawyer. You can only become something by learning about it. YOU BECOME YOU by learning about you.

It all begins and ends with YOU.

We have a mask for each occasion.Changing them up as we need-because it’s convenient. We pretend we’re happy when really we’re sad. We pretend we’re okay with everything when actually we’re anxious.

We are living, feeling, thinking human beings. We go through all sorts of emotions and there is nothing wrong with that.

While we grow up we are taught to be tough, that we shouldn’t cry. I can tell you personally how many times crying has allowed me to process the way I feel. It allows you to be quiet and feel the pain and allow it to pass through.

Emotions come and go, just like anything else. Our dissapointments and failures mould us into who we are becoming. Our failures make us stronger. We live and we learn.

Forget the filters and the googled captions. Forget comparisons and mindless conversation. Forget the person you were and start thinking about the person you are becoming.

Change happens the moment you decide to make the change. Sometimes we lose sight of who we are. We all get a little lost sometimes.

You are the author of your story. You are the creator of your destiny. The more focus inward the more positive affect outward.

Live happy, Be authentic.

Practice authenticity daily then weekly, then monthly. And next thing you know it a year has gone by.

Take it one day at a time;

Practice Mindfulness– think about your actions. In primary school one of my teachers always emphasized “think before you write.” Such a simple concept- yet we find it difficult to apply it. Think before you speak, think before you REACT. Our lives depend on how we REACT to things.

Give energy to the things that matter-and those things will flourish. The same goes for things that do not matter. We all have the choice at the beginning of each day.

Mask or no mask?

Happy Month of July! All the best for the second half of the year.

*Focus on your story*

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