Self Awareness

Imagine ordering a beautiful piece of furniture. An elaborate wooden shelf that you were planning on storing your collection of books. You imagined how great it would look once all your books and little trinkets were added in between.

On the day of delivery there were boxes and boxes that came in but here was no book shelf in sight. You then realise that you would have to build this book shelf from scratch by yourself. There were bolts and screws. There was glass and wood. There were so many random little pieces that you could use to customise this shelf to cater for your needs. But there was no instruction manual. Nothing at all. Nothing on the internet even. YES, nothing.

Most of us would be bummed out. I don’t know anything about making furniture? I’m no carpenter.

This bookshelf analogy is just my own little story, it could be related to anything. But it all boils down to one thing, ourselves and our abilities. The way we see the world, and the way the world sees us.

A few weeks ago I found out what my personality type is. I was blown away as I started understanding more and more about my personality type. Because it was me explained. The complicated me actually put into words. Some master mind figured this out long ago and I was oblivious the whole time! Have you ever felt lost and alone? Like nobody could understand who you are. Truth is that we are so far away from ourselves that even we don’t understand who we are.

Taking a personality test is not going to change your life. It’s just going to make you understand yourself a little bit better if your are a little lost. The idea here is to become more aware of certain patterns and behaviours. With this you become more aware of the good and the bad traits you may have.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was created by a psychiatrist. I think it could be one of the greatest things ever. Just knowing your personality type can make you soooo much more aware. You begin to realise that not everyone feels stress and emotions the way you do. Not everyone knows how to handle it when they encounter a failure. Not everyone is as empathetic. Not everyone is introverted or extroverted. No two people are exactly the same.

Its not your fault. Life happens and you tend to prefer certain things over other things. Some personality types get along better with specific other types. Some may challenge you more than others, some may support and understand you more than others. Each personality type knows what they’re looking for and knows what they are not looking for as well. Life is about an exchange with humans all day, everyday. Being aware of who you are makes all the differnce in the world. You can show people how to support you, show people how they need to love you and you can also learn what other people need in return. It’s an exhange of useful information that helps build relationships and strong bonds with people.

I think we’re all too quick to judge ourselves beacuse we don’t know who we are. But the truth is you will never know until you decide to search for yourself. Your life is about building the instruction manual to yourself. You should only add what is valuable. The book shelf are all the beautiful layers of your life that only you have control over. The bookshelf is YOU. Each book represents your memories. You try to fill them up with memories that make you smile, memories that warm you heart. Focusing on your strenghts vs focusing on your weaknesses. Focusing on your happiness rather than your sadness.

What I’m trying to say here is that we are so consumed with what everyone is doing and how everyone else is doing that we lose focus on the person that is most important. That person is YOU. When everything fades away all you are left with is you. Why not take the time to understand who that person is just like we try to understand everyone else?

When you make yourself a priority, your life starts to change. You become more aware of the energy you want around you- energy can create as well as destroy. I discovered I am an INFP-T personality type. In other words the Introverted feeling with Extroverted Intuition type. There is just so much I’ve learnt already.

Here’s the link to the test if you want to check it out;

Being self aware for me is being my true self and loving it. Tell me what it means for you. Imagine the world we could create if we were all just true to ourselves.

Lots of love,


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