Imagination and your inner child🌥🌈☺

When I grow up;

“I want to be the president.”

“I want to make sick people better.”

“I want to catch all the bad guys.”

Most of us grew up day dreaming. We ran around the yard playing cops and robbers with our friends. We imagined living on fairytale islands having amazing adventures. We had classes with our dolls and teddy bears-teaching them everything we learnt at school. We played in the sand imagining looking for hidden treasures.

We lived with such excitement and wonder of the world. We were happy little creatures. We didn’t know what being grown up was all about- and as we got older all we wanted to do was grow up.

We’re stuck in a generation where we crave deeper human connections but we’re more connected to our phones. We crave happiness but yet we’re so hard to please. We crave wisdom yet we’re so naive. We want simplicity yet we complicate everything.

Children are so beautifully innocent. They are free to be themselves-they know nothing else. The only comparisons they know involve comparing apples to oranges or light blue to dark blue. They are happy with no reason and find beauty in simple things.

As we grow older we tend to lose that inner spark. We lose all the qualities that we actually need while we’re becoming adults. Our focus shifts onto money and “success.” We drift further and further away from ourselves.

We’ve got to let that inner child out to play! All work and no play does after all make Jack a dull boy.

We need to release the crazy wild dreamer. You know the one, with the relentless belief that dreams coming true is infact a possibility. We need to dig in, find that spark and let it shine on the world.Dreams are such beautiful things. Dreams are unique to you. You create your dream.




Imagine your dream vivdly and start creating it-innocently and beautifully like a child would.

Keep on Dreaming 😊

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