Be Patient With Yourself💙

What if we were all just patient with ourselves? Take a step back. Analyse. Understand. And move forward.

Recognize the fact that setting your alarm for 5 a.m doesn’t necessarily mean that you will wake up at 5a.m. And you shouldn’t feel horrible if you’ve snoozed your alarm 5 times this past week. Change your game plan and start afresh- you must be doing this with intention. Plan your morning. Getting things done in the morning sets the tone for the day.

Recognize the fact that your ‘diet’ may be doing more harm to you that good and changing things up to fit your needs should be a priority. Trial and error is a part of a fitness journey. It isn’t a one size fits all! And real change doesn’t happen in a week!

Recognize that you being in debt after university is not your fault. You didn’t know any better. Nobody told us there were other avenues and other journies to be taken. We weren’t educated on making such big decisons decisions straight outta high school.

Recognize that the world is far more disconnected than ‘connected.’ Interactions comprise of what’s hot on Netflix rather than how your mom’s day was? Interactions are superficial rather than deep and meaningful.

We’ve gotten lost in this massive maze of trying to find one big trophy hidden in the middle. What we often can’t see is that everyone is within their own maze, and they have many different routes to get to their multiple trophies. Stay in your maze!!

Be patient with yourself. Accept the past and move on. Become the person you’ve always wanted to become. Start doing the things you were afraid to do. Change your wardrobe. Cut your hair. Do what makes you happiest.

You are exactly where you are meant to be at this exact moment in time. Embrace the now and be happy for the future to come!

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