Life is fragile❤-handle with care

If you knew you were going to die in the next few hours what would you have done differently today? Instead of being upset over the order that arrived a little late -smile and tip the delivery guy. Instead of complaining about the long queues at the grocery store when you finally make it to the teller-make a funny joke and wish them a good day. Laugh at the little things and don’t take things so seriously.Our quality of life is based on our reactions to little everyday things. Our reactions also affect the quality of life for those around us. Those every day things lead up to being weekly, monthly and yearly things.This past Sunday my boyfriend and I were sitting on a bench by the beach front. A cool breeze gave my skin goosebumps and the sun warmed up my whole body just right. I watched a couple dolphins with fins peeping swim across the shallow blue waters.🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬 There was an elderly man fishing by himself, a couple walking their 4 dogs and a family with a small dog playing close to the waves. Oh, there was another couple who didn’t even stop to look at the beach, but stopped to take pictures of each other at the beach.😂😹😂I took a moment to smile and greet the people who passed me close by. I felt at peace in that moment. Being fully present and aware felt so great.I had a pretty good day until my mood took a turn for the worst. I stared out the window all the way home, my mind was filled with thoughts that worsened my mood. My mind took control and I forgot to embrace the present moment. My boyfriend wasn’t very happy with me-Sorry!!🧡Sometimes we don’t realise in the moment that how we react and behave can have an adverse effect on our relationships (friends,family,romantic). Sometimes you might get frustrated and take it out on someone who doesn’t even deserve it. That could affect that someone for the whole day-totally throwing their mind game off the rails.Everyone reacts differently and everyone feels differently. We have to be more aware of that. Sometimes I catch myself complaining about something or someone -and then a few moments later I can’t believe what I just said!It takes a few moments for everything to change;”There was an accident.””She commited suicide.””He had a heart attack.”It could be me or it could be you. Just thinking about this makes me want to become so freaking pure of thought and word that I just spew out kindness and love to everyone I meet!You might have been busy with work and skipped out on dinner dates with a close friend.You might have been going through some stuff and not realised that your parents are growing old.You might have been waiting for the ‘right time.’The list of mights are mighty long. Be the person that makes everybody feel like a somebody. It may not mean much to you but it could mean the world to them. ❤

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