Self Awareness

Imagine ordering a beautiful piece of furniture. An elaborate wooden shelf that you were planning on storing your collection of books. You imagined how great it would look once all your books and little trinkets were added in between. On the day of delivery there were boxes and boxes that came in but here was … Continue reading Self Awareness

Unmask-Becoming your authentic self

How many masks do you wear? Being your true and authentic self requires work of an inward soulsearching type. It is the art of being the 'unmasked man.' The type of art that just gets more and more beautiful as you begin to discover and understand it. The start to unraveling this beautiful piece of … Continue reading Unmask-Becoming your authentic self

No Flake Zone🚫🙅

After a beautiful 3 day weekend, today it was back to work. Surprisingly enough the 'Monday Blues' did not kick in on this Terrific Tuesday. I was in an AMAZINGLY good mood this morning. 🥳 I started my day on a calmer note-my brain felt a bit less foggy. Let me just tell you that … Continue reading No Flake Zone🚫🙅

Neuroscience vs neurology?

I choose NEUROSCIENCE!What creates a thought? What controls your brain creating a thought? Such a simple question yet most of us can't answer that.Our brains are the powerhouses of our body. Such a beautiful organ that doesn't get much recognition. Nobody says "I love you with all my brain."Fun fact: The skin is the largest … Continue reading Neuroscience vs neurology?