Imagination and your inner child🌥🌈☺

When I grow up; "I want to be the president." "I want to make sick people better." "I want to catch all the bad guys." Most of us grew up day dreaming. We ran around the yard playing cops and robbers with our friends. We imagined living on fairytale islands having amazing adventures. We had … Continue reading Imagination and your inner child🌥🌈☺

No Flake Zone🚫🙅

After a beautiful 3 day weekend, today it was back to work. Surprisingly enough the 'Monday Blues' did not kick in on this Terrific Tuesday. I was in an AMAZINGLY good mood this morning. 🥳 I started my day on a calmer note-my brain felt a bit less foggy. Let me just tell you that … Continue reading No Flake Zone🚫🙅

Neuroscience vs neurology?

I choose NEUROSCIENCE!What creates a thought? What controls your brain creating a thought? Such a simple question yet most of us can't answer that.Our brains are the powerhouses of our body. Such a beautiful organ that doesn't get much recognition. Nobody says "I love you with all my brain."Fun fact: The skin is the largest … Continue reading Neuroscience vs neurology?